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School/Academic Summary:

Blanchethas sent out Progress Reports for semester one last week. These grades are notpermanent and will not reflect on their transcript. They are just to see yourstudent’s progress thus far and for them to see where they need to improve.They have through part of January to increase their grades. I have sent them toyou as well for your viewing. I had the opportunity to meet with each of thestudents last week to discuss their grades. Many of them felt disappointed tosee the low scores but I reminded them that the first couple of months arealways transitional. We talked about ways they can better study for tests,communicate with teachers, and possibly redo assignments and/or tests. Ioffered the services of a tutor to some of the students that seemed to bereally struggling with the language and terminology. At this point thosestudents decided they wanted to continue to try by themselves. It’s somethingto think about if you are really concerned. Private tutors can be expensive.They run about $30 an hour.

intheir academics. The testing was proctored over a two day period for

about3 hours each day. It covered all the basic categories, math, reading, English,and


OnOctober 14th, Blanchet hosted the PSAT’s for students. Blanchet’s 10th and 11thgraders

weregiven the opportunity to take this test without paying a fee. This test ishelpful and gives

goodpractice for students that plan on taking the SAT’s for college.

Stevenis doing extremely well with his academics. His teachers say that he is apleasure to

havein class and that he consistently gives high quality work. He is cooperativeand eager to

learn.He also utilizes her class time well.

Heattended one math club meeting so far. They are trying to plan for a field tripto take


Hetook the SAT’s last Saturday. He felt confident on how he did.

Pleasesee below what Steven has been doing in some of his classes:

Period1- Digital Media Production- He has been editing videos for the school auction.

Period2- Calculus- Getting As on tests.

Period3- Religion 12th- Started a new project called seven themes of Catholicteaching.

Studentsare placed into seven different groups each representing one of the socialjustices.

Period4- Study Hall- This period is a time when Steven likes to work on homework orif he

doesnt have any he likes tosocialize with friends.

Period5- Senior Seminar- The teacher is showing them how to write a proper resume.They will

thencreate one of their own.

Period6- English 12th- Students are learning about Old English Literature. They arewatching

moviesthat will help them further understand that kind of writing.

Period7- Honors Chemistry I- Working on density lab report. Measuring water andfinding the

volumeand density.










第七阶段—高等化学I -密度实验报告。测量水和发现体积和密度。

Homestay Summary:

Steven continues to do well with hishost family. He sometimes gets together with friends and goes out to eat on theweekends.


Concluding Remarks:

Please take the time to lookover your student’s progress report. Positive support and encouragement isalways nice for them to have. It will help boost up their confidence so theyare more motivated to put in more effort.